Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Travelers Depart Wednesday

On Wed., Feb. 5 Pastor Lisa, along with Bob & Sue Jenkins, will depart for Tanzania.  The goal of their trip is to continue to deepen Zumbro's relationship with the folks at Iambi Hospital.  They have plans to meet with leaders of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT) as they look into the possibility of helping to install a computer system for the hospital and/or nursing school on Zumbro's next return trip.  While at Iambi they will meet with leaders of the hospital, Bishop Alex Mkumbo (Tanzanian Diocese), and Bishop Steve Delzer and Kathy Bolin (SE MN Synod).  Please pray for safe travels.  Updates will be posted here as frequently as possible so check back again soon.

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  1. Great Wednesday worship. As to reuse/recycle the songbooks ... one Kipp boy (not to be mentioned) marked his territory by drawing pictures on his book. Sweet! I will make sure he gets 'his' book. :-)
    Prayers abound. Barb