Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bob & Sue's Farewell

A note from Sue:
Yesterday (Wednesday) after chapel, Dr Nyenje escorted Bob & I back to the guest house for tea. God was with us, because the sky broke open and we spent the next four hours in deep conversation about his hopes and challenges for Iambi Lutheran Hospital.  Afterwards we walked through the wards together and pointed out many items that Zumbro has supplied and many notable improvements.

Friends, I am typing on Bob's cell phone and so must be brief.  We missed Lisa after she left, especially during the farewell party when Bob and I were seated at the head table for the duration.  We knew their thanks were for all of you, and we're sorry that we represented you so badly when we were asked to dance.

Today "Baba Bob" (Papa Bob) & I said many goodbyes and drove to Singida and then to Dodoma. We hope to see Gary and Carol Langness in Iringa before going on safari in Ruaha National Park.  The landscape was lush after the recent rains. We're staying at the Lutheran hostel in Dodoma, and we miss our quiet village.  We have much to tell you when we get home!

And from me:
I'm sitting in the Kilimanjaro airport in Tanzania waiting to board my first flight.  I hope to arrive to MSP in about 24 hours and home to my own bed and shower shortly after that!  It has been a marvelous trip and I have much to write about and many photos to share.  For now I wait to board my plane in the dark.  That Tanzanian electricity is only so reliable!  :)  See you on Sunday!
pastor lisa

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