Monday, February 10, 2014

A Day Full of Meetings

Today was the day that we were able to hit the ground running and have many conversations with the hospital staff.  We started bright and early with chapel at 7:30am.  The nursing students were present and their choir sang a beautiful piece.  Following chapel we met with the principal of the nursing school and were given a tour of the boys and girls dormitories.  The students are such wonderful young adults! 

the girls' dorm

the boys' dorm (they are much more crowded)

This afternoon Bob and Sue spent a lot of time talking with Dr. Nyenje.  They feel as though after this one afternoon they have a better understanding regarding the hospital’s situation than they ever have.  The need is so great ... and so is the opportunity. 

I spent the afternoon visiting with some of the nursing students.  I was able to learn about their families, why they want to be nurses, what a difference this school will make in their lives and the lives of their families, and just generally get to know a few of them.  The students aren’t yet comfortable with us mzungu (white people) visiting.  I walked into their classroom this afternoon.  All of the students were studying and visiting with one another.  They instantly jumped up and stood at attention.  Ya know, just like our confirmation students do when I enter the room.  J

Perhaps one of the highlights of my day was being invited to have tea with the nursing school principal and teacher.  Though we had nice conversations earlier, it wasn’t until we relaxed and shared tea together that they really began to open up.  They are certainly wonderful people that truly care about the nursing school they are operating.

Later this afternoon Bishop Steve Delzer and Kathy Bolin arrived from our synod, along with an assistant to the bishop in Germany and two assistants to the bishop from the local Tanzanian diocese.  We had a brief meeting in Dr. Nyenje’s office and then took a break before meeting back for dinner later.

Tomorrow we will all meet together in the morning and then Bob, Sue and I will part ways.  Bob and Sue will be remaining at the hospital until Thursday and then heading on to a safari.  I’m going to be leaving Iambi tomorrow afternoon with the folks who just arrived today for meetings in the Tanzanian bishop’s office on Wednesday.  I will then travel back to Arusha on Wednesday with them and depart Tanzania on Thursday night. 

Good night from Iambi!

Here are a few more images from our day:

a mother weighing her baby (a little different than in the US!)

the hospital cooks

some folks waiting for the clinic to open

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