Friday, February 7, 2014

Bob's Trip to the Masai Market

I “chaperoned” Sue and Lisa through the Masai Market today so they could shop for items to be sold at Zumbro’s African fellowship dinner in March.  You’ll see here a photo of their haul.  It was fun to watch a non-bargainer (Sue) and a bargainer (Lisa) interact with each other and the sales people. 

Choice quotes:
Shop Owner to Bob (pointing to Lisa):  Your daughter should come into my shop!

Lisa to Sue while bargaining:  “You just stay out of this.”  (Lisa offered $35 for an item that Sue wanted.  And Sue started raising Lisa’s price before the shop owner had the chance to.)

Also Bob (or Babu) means grandfather in Swahili.  After I introduce myself to Tanzanians I am instantly called “Papa.”  :)

Be sure to save the date for Zumbro’s African fellowship dinner on Sunday, March 2.  We’ll share a meal with the Sudanese members of our congregation and have these African items (and more!) available for you to purchase at a silent auction.  This is an exiting way that you can be a part of this shared ministry that we have with our African brothers and sisters.

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